Antica Pizzeria


A leading company in the production of pizzas and frozen food of the highest quality, baked on stone. Our products are mainly destined for the HO.RE.CA. world, i.e. pizzerias, restaurants, bistros, pubs, cafés, fast food outlets and all establishments that need a product that is easy and quick to prepare without the need for qualified personnel, while maintaining a high quality finished product.

The company has implemented a food safety management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO 22000 standard (currently being certified).

We also use certified green electricity.

4 Good reasons to choose Antica Pizzeria


How important is it to offer a constant quality of your pizza?

The constant quality satisfies the customer’s expectations in terms of product quality. The customer regularly returns to your pizzeria helping to increase your sales by about 20-30% per year.

How important is it to offer fast service at rush hour?

The fast service in the rush hour determines the real profit of your pizzeria. The greater the number of pizzas served in every single hour, the greater the profit of the day. By reducing cooking times by about 50%, sales revenue doubles with the same fixed costs.

How important is it not to depend on skilled labor?

Being released from skilled labor to always serve the consistently high quality of the pizza helps to increase your savings by approximately 2,000 – 4,000 Euros per month!

How important is it to have an excellent conservation of the product?

The excellent conservation of the product avoids waste. Product savings help increase year-end earnings by up to 20%!Only what is needed is used.

Production processes

Our production processes are controlled by highly qualified personnel and the processes are mainly manual and done by expert pizza chefs. The final product is therefore of excellent quality.


Doughs with high quality flours carefully selected by our expert pizza makers


Manual processing for a high quality and scrupulously controlled product


Quick freezing of the product for higher quality and durability.

Quality check

Qualified personnel for the quality control of the finished product. Security and guarantee.

Antica Pizzeria is an artisan company that has been producing gastronomic specialties made specifically for pizzerias since 1997 and offers highly qualitative products deriving not only from particular studies and research carried out in the world of pizza, but also from a special care taken in the realization of the products, starting from the careful selection of raw materials and the use of particular production techniques that are constantly updated. The Antica Pizzeria employs 12 people for a turnover of around one million euros. The main reference markets are European (Germany, Austria and Ireland) in addition to the local one.

Restaurants, pizzerias, bars, sandwich shops and other activities connected with fast food and snacks have the ability to quickly prepare, heat and serve products without the use of highly specialized personnel. These frozen products can be adequately stored for 12 months once defrosted, they can be kept in a simple refrigerator for a few days. The standard production capacity is about 2-3 thousand pizzas per day. Food safety is guaranteed by our HACCP system, by the Food Defense procedures and by the other quality procedures implemented for the ISO system (currently being certified).

Antica Pizzeria is a supplier certified by the American armed forces and approved by the American Army VET service. In fact, on the basis of the veterinary health inspection held on 09/29/1999, the US Army Veterinary Service approved Antica Pizzeria for inclusion in the list of official suppliers approved for supplies to the armed forces, in the list for the “frozen pizza”.