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Our products allow to cover a wide range of needs of pizzerias, restaurants, bars, pubs, bistros:

  • Pizza balls;
  • Pizzas (thin, small, large, maxi);
  • Pizza bases ready to be filled to your liking;

Our ingredients for the production of pizza dough are known as semi-finished products because they are composed, in addition to normal soft wheat flour, also of specific ingredients, such as soy flour, wheat germ, soy lecithin and potato flakes that make our dough richer and tastier than the traditional one. All this has led to the creation of a very high quality dough because ingredients have been introduced that make the product very digestible and complete from a nutritional point of view.


Frozen pizzas

Frozen pizzas Frozen pizzas ready to be baked, immediately ready in 3 minutes. On request it is possible to customize the filling. On request it…

Pizza balls

Pizza balls The best product for those who want to expand the ball to the preferred leavening level and maintain a long shelf life.Available in…

Pizza dough discs

Discs of pizza dough For those who prefer to combine speed and flexibility at the same time. Ready to garnish to your liking, cook and…